QSPage: Fun times, fine wines

Arg. I am exhausted, which I shouldn’t be. It’s Fall Break! I’m back in Chicago! But I’ll be heading to Des Moines again tomorrow, and I don’t have any energy to do more than poke around the internets.

I was hoping to try doing a 24-Hour Comic today, then sleeping it off on the bus. I felt guilty when I didn’t wake up in time, but considering how listless and apathetic I am right now, such a massive undertaking probably would not have been a great idea anyway. Still haven’t made up for all the sleep I lost obsessing over things… *sighs*

Here’s the next Quick Sketch. Actually, it’s a page of them:

Top left: Jeremy, my favorite character from one of my fave webcomics, The Tao of Geek

Top right: the beautiful Angelbetty

Center: the kick-ass Jade Macalla

Bottom left: random guy in GQ ad

Bottom right: Cathy, Queen of Evil

Most successful, I think, is the center image. While the proportions are all messed up, I like the stark contrast of the shading. I should really try to do that again at some point. ^^

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