QS: The beginning

Here’s the first quick sketch I did. It wasn’t meant to be a ‘quick sketch’ in my sense of the phrase, but it turned out well enough that I decided to continue the trend. I guess you could say this is the predecessor.

In any case, I was trying out my brush pen. Experimenting with it for the first time, exploring new methods of inking… yes, I was enamoured. ^^

QS 001

What exactly are Quick Sketches, then? They’re fast ways for me to practice cartooning. I draw a quick sketch of something, then ink right over the lines. The pencil lines are left as is, so that I can track my progress, what slowed me up, etc. Though I have to admit that several of these sketches will be cleaned up and made prettier anyways. But the amount of work there is still small in comparison to the time I usually take to create a drawing.

Compare: I usually spend at least a day on drawing and inking a picture (more if it’s a full page), plus another four hours for scanning, cleaning up, and putting in base colors. With a QS, I take an hour to do both the pencils and inking. Huge difference!

There will be a slight change in the order I update in. I’ll still do oldest first. But I don’t have permission from some of the stock artists whose work I used for references, so I can’t post some of the sketches yet. All in good time, I suppose. There’s enough work that I’ve done on my own; I should be set for awhile.

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