I’m back, babe!

Has it really been seven months since I last posted here? Really? Wow. A lot’s happened since then. The biggest thing is that I upgraded my Computer Science minor to a major. (Yes, I am the rare Writing-CS double major. You try to put me in that Pokeball and I will gnaw your hand off.) I also was put in charge of updating and maintaining the Writing Workshop website, a project that consumed my summer (when I wasn’t working).

For awhile, I did quick sketches and wrote everyday, but once I started working over the summer, I had little energy for the creative stuff. As a result, I have a new backlog of items to present, but I must also write an update on current project status.

Writing-wise, I have started a new project, entitled “Spyder, Spyder.” I’m writing it for a class on the novella. The idea, like so many others, came from a particularly focused and plot-rich dream. It’s a bit of sci-fi, a bit of fantasy. I guess you could say that it also mirrors the seeming tension between my Writing/CS sides, but let’s not go into that. It’s a fun story, though I won’t be able to do NaNoWriMo this year because of it. Sadness.

Unfortunately, I’ve got a second writing ‘project.’ It’s an role-playing forum called The Mad Scientist Wars, based heavily on the world of Shaenon Garrity’s Narbonic and Skin Horse (both of which are pure awesome). It’s not unfortunate that I’m playing in it, not at all. I’m seriously happy that I am. I like the other players and their characters, I enjoy the plots themselves. (Btw, I play ‘JanetTor,’ aka Janet Torvalds, aka Janitor, aka Alice – Mad cleaning lady and sometime homeless person.) What’s unfortunate is that I recognize an addiction when I’ve got one. And this, my friends, is full-blown addiction. Which explains why it’s so hard for me to write “Spyder, Spyder” right now. I get my daily writing done, but not for the right project… I have to relearn to balance things.

Art-wise, I’ve been doing lots of doodles, mostly in class. I’m planning to start up daily quick sketches again. I’ve just completed some fanart for the Mad Scientist Wars, and I will probably be doing more (I guarantee it’ll come up again; I should probably add a category for it now). I should also finish that Tao of Geek fanart. So far, my art-ing is mostly potential. Balance, I repeat, is needed.

Sometime soon I will be revamping the way this site looks. The theme may or may not change, but the header and blogroll certainly will. They’re outdated. Yeah, I no longer have long hair, guys. (Oh yeah, that was another big happening this summer. I also cosplayed for the first time! Might post pictures later. Maybe.)

I’m hoping that by updating here once more, I can get myself to establish that balance again. As when I first began posting, I will start with the older items in the backlog, and move to the present day. Posting will be (optimistically) Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. As always, comments are encouraged. As always, I may wax poetic about not-quite-so-random things like praying mantids or motion-detecting paper towel dispensers. You’ve been warned. ^^

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