Current projects

Right now, I’m focusing on homework and getting everything done.  Surviving the weeks and trying not to be grumpy; that sort of thing.  Since I’m no longer reading webcomics everyday, but only on Saturdays, I’ve been getting a lot of reading done.  Actual books, can you imagine?  Yeah, reading used to be the only thing I ever did in my spare time.  And then I discovered webcomics… sigh.

Besides reading, I’ve been making an attempt to try the “Do Something Creative Everyday” resolution again. Here’s a rundown of what I’ve been working on:

I’ve been writing “Strength of the Fallen” again, though not in very large chunks.  It won’t be done anytime soon, I’m afraid, especially since I’ve written myself into a corner.  I have no idea how to get to the end from where I’m at, and I can tell the continuity is already messed up.  I will keep trying.

My fascination with text adventure games has once again led me to try learning Inform, which allows programming such games.  The first time I tried learning it, I found it too hard, and dropped it after creating one sample game.  Now, thanks to Computer Science classes, it’s almost too easy.  I understand creating objects, inheritance and all that other good stuff, so all that’s left is picking up the grammar of the language.  Shouldn’t be too hard.

Drawing?  Ha ha, you must be joking.  I’ve found some good stock art and reference sites for helping me practice, but doodles are all I’m capable of doing right now.  I’d like to do some “Tao of Geek” fanart, but… eh…  Time constraints.

I’m doing some writing outside of “Strength,” which is where a lot of time is going.  My Short Stories class does exercises in fiction, and I’m finding a lot of good ideas to expand on.  I may post one here at some point.  Not right now; nothing’s finished.   Soon, though, soon!

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