Why must I rhyme?

Another lost writing from the hawk_iris blog.  This time, it’s poetry…

What is my rhyme? I smile and say
That the answer may come, but not today.
Only elusive tomorrow reveals
The truth of the matter that to mind appeals.
Why must I rhyme? Syllables, lines straight,
And words sublime to seal my fate.
Trying, striving, working for
The work that is always in store.
Hoping, praying, loving, waiting,
Fixing, searching, sometimes hating,
Writing. Here our paths must part,
My exploration of my art
Will lead me down other paths and then,
Inspired, perhaps I’ll write again.

It’s not bad, I guess, but I can see why it was lost.  Even now it feels self-congratulatory and off.  But then, it has taken some “exploration of my art” to get to the point where I can say that.

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