On Facebook, I have a dragon. A pet dragon, courtesy of the wholly awesome app Pet Dragons (oh the subtlety!). Her name is Naunet, and she rocks out, battling her enemies with a dedicated vengeance. A few days ago I decided it was time that she had her own unique picture instead of clip art. This was the result:

Naunet thumbnail

She’s gorgeous, isn’t she? *sighs contentedly* I admit I was thinking of Cho Hakkai’s pet Hakuryu from “Saiyuki” while designing her. I might have given her wings, but… eh. When I draw her again (and I have a feeling I will), I’ll attempt a pair.

Oh yes, the inking! I found a brush pen recently, and have had the time of my life practicing inking with it. It’s hard to control, but the variable, smooth curves are exactly what I’ve wanted for my work. I’m ecstatic to see it working out so well – at some point in the near future I may drop the regular Micron pens from regular usage. Until then – practice! Lots and lots of practice!  I’ll post more examples soon.  ^_^

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