Praying between the lines (prayer during aposiopeses)

So far my “do something creative everyday” resolution has worked well.  Unfortunately, most of that creativity has gone into drawing, not writing, and I have to be logged in to one of my parents’ computers in order to use a scanner.  Artwork posting should resume shortly.


Praying Between the Lines

a prayer during aposiopeses

O patron saint of words gone wrong
who rose above a broken song,
you spent your first life walking free
among land mines you could not see;
only later did you become aware
as a lover’s lies left you there
among the poplars and children’s swings
to recall inflections’ subtle stings.
Your name is nigh forgotten now,
so I address the holy Thou
and pray a blessing that I might
not be betrayed by my own sight,
nor over-guess what words imply,
mistaking speech for succubi.
            if words should martyr me again…
restore my muted heart.
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