The zen of pixel art

Been a long time absent, I know. Working on NaNo done took its toll, and I’ve spent an incredible amount of time reading webcomic archives and whatnot to kill off brain cells. Starting tomorrow, though, my sisters will be back in school and I plan to spend that time working on creative projects – finishing “Strength of the Fallen,” redesigning characters for “Cathy Queen of Evil,” playing with brush pen inking, and learning Inform. Blog updates will resume on a semi-regular basis (Tues, Thurs., Sun.).


the zen of pixel art

there’s meditation
in the painstaking placement
of each lone pixel,
forming a greater
existence. there’s an acute
concentration in
seeing life at four
hundred percent focus to
only later find
the masterpiece wrought
through diligence. and yet, there
is profound relief
in using the paint fill tool. 
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