I wish my classmates would stop giving me sexual poems to critique

I know that there are a lot of hormones floating around on college campuses, and I know some of that is bound to make its way into the poetry of my fellow English 91 classmates. I can deal with the intimate stuff, but there are always two or three people in the Poetry Workshops who submit heavily S&M, somewhat mind-scarring stanzas. I know I’m an innocent (or sexually-repressed prude, take your prick – I mean “pick”), and I just can’t handle writing in-depth critiques of these poems. I can’t. That requires me to read carefully at least two times, something I would rather not do, even given a ten-foot, non-phallic-symbolizing pole and a pair of binoculars.

I think we only have two more Workshops left. I’m praying so, because I am way too uncomfortable with the situation as it stands right now.

In NaNo news, if I had kept to my 1,670 words per day schedule, I would have been able to read my five webcomics yesterday. Instead, I am left with around 3,000 left before I can partake of my first reward. I feel kind of guilty about not keeping up, and fairly desperate to read my dear, dear webcomics. Withdrawal has set in, I guess you could say. I found myself reading my printed volumes of “Megatokyo” yesterday, and had to put them in my closet so I would not be tempted. Also, I keep thinking about old storylines from webcomics that I did not think I’d miss too much… Agh, it’s driving me a little crazy. I have to keep focused, and I’m beginning to doubt whether having webcomics as a reward was a good idea – what if the Piperka proximity to so many other links leads me into temptation…?

The other affect of not reading webcomics is that I check my email five or six times a day, and visit Facebook a minimum of three times. Vaguely worrying…

Before NaNo started, I did manage to finish the Sprite Door IDs for my roommates. They are now hanging cheerily on our door. Here’s Liz’s and Anne’s posters.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I still like Anne’s best.  The outfit?  The katana?  The flying penguin?!  So. Awesome.  The last two posters, plus photos of the printed versions, will follow in the next post.  Yeah, I’m a stinker.

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