Trusting the force

Today is 24 Hour Comic Day.  It’s an event open to anyone, but the premise scares away many: You must write, draw, ink, and finish 24 pages of a self-contained comic story.  I’ve wanted to try ever since I first heard of them, but you know?  This isn’t my year.  Since my style has gotten more pronounced and cleaner, I had decided to try… but it’s so close to NaNoWriMo that I’m scared of throwing myself off, school-wise and sleep-wise.  Right now I’m thinking about trying it two weeks after NaNoWriMo.  I’d like to try completing a “Cathy, Queen of Evil” storyline, and doing a 24 Hour Comic sounds like a good way to try it.  And since it’ll be after (hopefully) completing the Minrei novel (tentatively named “Strength of the Fallen”), I won’t have to worry so much about catching up on life in time to start my next big project.   Yay!

Also, still not done with the door signs.  This is beginning to irk me.  I should’ve had them done a long time ago.

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