Maximum verbosity

I am thoroughly enjoying my fall break. The family dog Holly can’t seem to believe that I’m back, and my sisters find themselves having to curb degrading usage of the word “nerd” (“Why you dissin’ mah homeboys?” I replied with a smile), and as far as I can tell all is well in the world (but then I’ve been wrong before).

I have been doing slow but steady work on the door sprites – but that progress is sadly at the expense of my homework. I always have problems juggling my time while at home since I can never say no to hanging out with my family. Nor, in fact, do I want to say no. I’m too much of a hermit.

I also find myself missing people. Tien, Shilpa, Josh, Jessica. Holly (the friend, not the dog). I even miss Dominick a little bit, but that’s the lingering effects of the crush I had on him back in eighth grade. We’re just Facebook pals now. When I get back to school, I plan to take some time to call people, ask how they’re doing. Reconnect. Mmm. There’s so many I’d like to see face-to-face again, but I might have to settle for phone calls.

In webcomics news, I visited the Webcomic Crossover and Cameo Archive lately, and noticed this in the FAQ:

  • A Crossover is when the same event (usually a plotline) is taking place in all the involved comics at the same time. Events where characters from one comic turns up in another for a longer span of time, and yet still go about the normal business back in their own strip, are to be taken as an extended cameo, not a crossover!

By these definitions, “Starslip Crisis: Alterverse War” is not making use of crossovers, since the included webcomics only submitted their sci-fi ships for inclusion in Kris Straub’s world. There are no other mentions of the War in those webcomics’ own plotlines. So the Alterverse War is really a giant mess of extended cameos, not the giant mess of crossovers I thought it was.


This does not dissuade me at all from loving the Alterverse War. Extended cameos are just as fun as crossovers, and I don’t have to click multiple links to get the full story. I just want to set this down straight, since I previously mentioned the Alterverse War was a crossover.

I also previously mentioned that Kris Straub had quit updating Halfpixel with little experimental comics and knick-knacks. Well, he’s started again. As you might imagine, I am ecstatic. And constantly checking it, like the fangirl I am. Yeah, I’m a nerd. Just hangin’ wit’ mah homies.

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