Helped a praying mantis across the sidewalk

And that was the highlight of my day. Seriously, it was. I was walking back to the GK dorms, sipping my Wild Cherry Pepsi/lemonade mix and wondering what homework to start on, when I came upon a large bug making its way slowly across the sidewalk. I literally stopped and dropped my food in order to get down and better examine it.

At first I wasn’t sure what it was, but oddly shaped front legs suggested that it was a mantis. It wasn’t in ‘praying’ mode, but was hobbling across the sidewalk with a determined air. Why was it hobbling? One of its front legs was of massive width, but was cut off prematurely and had a brown color that seemed awfully indicative of some sort of physical decay. The rest of it was a beautiful greenish color, not vivid, but startling nonetheless against the plain gray of the sidewalk.

As I said, I accompanied it across over half of the length of the sidewalk, inching along to kneel beside it. Once it was over halfway across, it stopped suddenly and quickly swiveled its head to stare at a person approaching from quite a distance away. Another person approached from the other side and the mantis turned to stare at her too. And then I moved.

It didn’t exactly look at me right-on, but its eyes! Oh my God, I think I fell in love with it just because of those eyes. They were slightly darker in the middle, and faded outward into the lightness that was most of those eyes. Gorgeous. I wanted to pick it up and whisper sweet nothings, but as it watched nervously for predators, it had risen off its hobbling front legs and struck a pose – awkward-looking, due to the brown leg, but still impressive. So I waited until the mantis scurried off in the opposite direction, then rose and came back here, to look up webpages on praying mantids and eat my chicken fajita wrap.

Mmm. I love bugs. They make me incredibly happy when I’m stressed. Two years ago I spent an hour talking to a cicada when I was particularly depressed about something. Afterward I was ecstatic and went to bed happy.

Birds also make me happy. I can’t pick them up or anything, but they are also so incredibly beautiful to me. At the Carpenter dorms, there was a tree outside that filled with mourning doves every evening. And then there was the time I stopped to study a group of cedar waxwings after my first tutoring meeting… Yeah, I’m a nerd.

Which leads to an entirely different conversation, but I’ll get to that later, I promise. 😉

I finally finished the Writing Workshop poster!!! Woot!

By probable_futures at 2007-10-03

Also, I have had to redo Anne’s sprite, which was the only one I’d started on… heh. But this is what I’ve got so far:

By probable_futures at 2007-10-03

Isn’t it cool? I need to add shadows and bad-ass blade effects and make the hair somewhat more realistic… but I still like it. I guess muted colors work better without shadows.

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