So much for updating Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I don’t know how webcomics peoples do it. Really. I’m going to die when I actually start trying out “Cathy, Queen of Evil.” Maybe I can find an artist willing to share credit? (But then what’s the point of all the doodling and constant cartooning practice?)

In any case. The door posters and Writing Workshop posters are nearly finished, but not much else besides poetry has come out of my pen these days. I’m loath to present more of my semi-poetic ramblings, though, so howzabout an example of whiteboard doodling? I do these every couple days on the whiteboard hanging on my wall. It allows me a quick creative outlet with the control of a pen but the erasability of a pencil. In other words, it’s a near-perfect medium for me, especially as busy as I am.

One of my favorites:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.us

It’s a fake Facebook News Feed! I was still sick with my cold and badly wanted to use the punchline “I’m blowing my brains out.” Everything else just sort of grew up around it: Kris Straub is always sexy, Neil Gaiman had just posted several pictures of himself with giant pandas (my favorite animal), and I had just bought “Heroes” Season 1. I never got to watch the Season 2 premiere, btw. I’m not done w/ the first season, and on top of that, I have tutoring for the one hour that “Heroes” is on Monday nights. Figures.

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