Why Kris Straub is a sexy man, and other subjects

My cold cleared up yesterday afternoon, and I found myself once more feeling great happiness and optimism for my coming classes and homework.

And then I went and added six very long webcomic archives to my list of Webcomics to Go Through, which darkened things a bit. I simply don’t have time to go through archives right now. I’m chipping away at “Irregular Webcomic” and rereading a few pages of “Universal Voyage” every couple days, but I could be at that for months. Seriously. It took me a month to read the entirety of “Schlock Mercenary,” and it would have been longer if the school year hadn’t ended, leaving me with a plethora of free time.

This may sound like the whining of a webcomics addict, and maybe it is. But I still read a good handful a day, which fulfills any craving I might have. What is important is that my time is being used differently, in a way that seriously undermines how much I devote myself to reading or rereading webcomic archives. Now, I have Facebook to keep up on, and books to read (right now I’m working through “V for Vendetta”). My roommates like to watch anime and play video games, and I join them a lot. So when I say that I added over 10,000 comics to my Webcomics to Read list, is it any wonder that my heart sank a little?


One more item on webcomics and I’ll stop, I promise. Here: Kristopher Straub has started a crossover in his daily webcomic “Starslip Crisis.” The crossover is called “The Alterverse War,” and includes the spaceships (and crews!) of many a Sci-Fi webcomic. Straub had 29 entries, and of the ships that appeared on page three, I knew at least 5. A few ships are from comics I haven’t read yet, but are on my list (another reason for my sinking heart). So no matter what happens in the Alterverse storyline, I will probably remain very interested.

It is worth noting that I really love Kristopher Straub. Among those I idolize, he is right up there with Neil Gaiman, vying for number 1. He kicked ass with “Checkerboard Nightmare” and is currently creating wonderfully funny, cute, and touching storylines with “Starslip Crisis.” And he’s hot. Especially when he’s choking to death. The only thing that upset me about him was that he pretty much stopped updating his blog at Halfpixel. But the crossover! I love crossovers! He’s redeemed himself.


Finally, a poem I wrote last year during an empty tutoring session for the Writing Workshop. I’d forgotten to bring extra paper, so I wrote it on the back of my math homework. My Calculus teacher liked it. I do too.


My Dream Library

If I could have a dollar for every other thought,
I’d build myself a library with my own wages bought.
I’d paint the walls with sunshine, with joy splattered here and there.
Every room would smell of flowers and there’d be magic in the air.
I’d import darker floors to remind me of my fears –
Fine, crystallized disasters mined from the hardest years.
There would be no windows but there’d still be lots of light –
A million phosphorous-emitting fishes to confuse the day with night.
As for the books themselves – it would be hard to stem my pride,
For their covers would match the radiance of the words hidden inside.
But once a book was opened it would be like an open door,
And I’d leave behind this library to return nevermore.
  1. #1 by Kristofer Straub on September 14, 2007 - 11:48 pm

    Thank youuuuuu!

  2. #2 by probablefutures on September 18, 2007 - 1:10 am

    Kris, thank *you!* I’ve spent many a joyous hour perusing your work. Keep on being awesome.

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