In sickness and in health

I am SICK. Not so sick that I couldn’t go to class today, but miserable-sick, cold-sick, cramps and runny-nose sick. It might’ve been from walking back to the dorms in the rain last night, but I think there’s been enough foreshadowing that I can safely say it’s been building up for a couple days now. I have no will to do anything productive, mostly because my brain is stuffed with cotton and every time I dip my head slightly, my nose decides to become my own personal waterfall.

In other news, I am also stressed out. I have taken on – volunteered for – two very time-consuming projects that I ordinarily wouldn’t mind doing, except that they coincide with a metric buttload of homework, and, of course, each other. I have not been able to hang out with Josh, and probably won’t be able to unless I recover my health before the weekend’s out. In short, I am not a happy camper, and my cold is only making things worse.

I don’t have much new in the way of artwork. I have some poetry, but that would require moving to get the little notebook I’m supposed to be keeping daily for my poetry class. So here’s a new piece – a sprite ID I worked on for maybe six hours straight last weekend.

I like it, but it’s failed at it’s original use – a DeviantID. You see, fighting game-esque IDs are all the rage now… The trend’s kind of dying off, but it’s still quite popular. And there are such awesome spriters out there, I am amazed by even some who never tried pixel art before in their lives… I was jealous and had to make my own.

But when I resized my basic sketch, I made it too small, and the resized sprite above just won’t do for the 441 by 670 pixels the “rules” call for. If I wanted to make a real DeviantID, I’d have to resize the sketch and then do the whole arduous process over again – “inking” pixel by pixel, agonizing over each color and where to place each shadow (I’m still a newb at shadows, remember). So what I have is fairly useless. Unless…

Unless I could convince my roommates that I could make them each one as a door poster, since we need new ones anyway. And they said yes. That’s time-consuming project no. 1: repeat the pixelating process for three more sketches, possibly redoing my own after my roomies’ are done.

Time-consuming project no. 2 is a poster for the Writing Workshop. That might not require the hours that the Sprite Door IDs will, but the focus is different. The Writing Workshop poster is advertising. The Door IDs is a fun way to let visitors know whether you’re in or out of the room. One will be seen by everyone on campus. The others will be seen by whoever happens to pass our door in the hallway. Eeek.

But I asked for the work, so I will do my best to complete everything, even though I’ll probably end up frothing at the mouth by the end of next week. Mmm, sweet, sweet madness.

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