So, apparently there’s this Facebook group called “Webcomics Anonymous,” after a magazine of the same title. I decided to join, right? But after I confirm that I want to join, I go to the members list and stop. It’s alphabetical. My name is first. Right above Greg Dean‘s. Greg Dean, man! The author of “Real Life”! One of the first maybe twenty webcomics I started reading religiously. And while I am considering letting it go (it just doesn’t make me laugh as much anymore), the fact remained: I cannot just sit at the top of this illustrious list. I cannot be first above Greg Dean. I was – am – cowed by the sheer enormity of this. My last name starts with a C. His starts with a D. Oh cruel fate!

Maybe one day, when I grow a pair, I will actually join the group. It isn’t just for webcomic authors. At least, it never said it was just for them. So maybe. One day.


My creative offering today is a binder cover I did for my old novel “Past, Present and Probable Future,” which actually doesn’t need a binder cover, but still.

I used myself as a model for both the scared face and the angry head-woman.  Both are supposed to represent character-Ashley (c-Ashley), my counterpart and general god-moder.  She is a seer, and spends a good third of the story trying to prevent herself from becoming the evil, black-magic-using sorceress pictured above.  I like the picture, though goodness knows the story could use more work.  I don’t think I’ll ever publish it (it’s a self-insertion and a Mary Sue), but I’d still like to work on it.  Who knows?  Maybe I’ll change the names and my mind.

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