Runtime remorse

I’ve been busy getting things ready for my trip to Paris with my family. I have to admit I’m not very happy about it – I just keep getting anxious about the prospect of being in another country, of doing new things, of playing the gringa. There’s no choice in the matter, though, I have to go. New twitching may occur, but overall the experience might be good for me. Learning to deal with another personal demon, and all that.

Nothing creative today. I have not yet scanned in my latest artworks, and though I still have a poem to post, I don’t particularly feel like posting more poetry so soon. Eh. Whatev.

There won’t be frequent posts until after the Paris trip. Then I’ll be heading back to Drake for the fall semester, so posts might be delayed until I settle into a schedule. But I will continue ASAP, hopefully with more artwork and writing to display (I’ll be finishing “Areopagus” on the trip!!).

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