Linoleum scars

I don’t have much for you today. I’ve posted nearly everything old that I planned to, and the newer stuff still isn’t ready. When I start writing “Areopagus” again I may not have anything except doodles. And nobody wants to see doodles. Except maybe my sisters. Maybe.

I’ll be going back to Drake soon, after five days in Paris with my family. I’m a little worried about being out of the country – I’m a bit of a scaredy-cat in that I prefer routine and order to new experiences. That’s changing, but the fear is deep-seated and probably won’t completely vanish anytime soon. Still, it’s good that I’m trying, right?

Here’s a short poem I wrote for a Xanga pal of mine. We never met, but I felt an enormous amount of empathy for some of the hardships she went through. It also nicely sums up my thoughts on religion.

“Prayer for Penglossian_Penguin”

i’m not deeply religious but
some people make me say,
“O God, if you’re out there,
please check on them this day.”
and when he does not answer back
i don’t beg, moan or stew
for i believe somewhere he is
busy watching over you.
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