Jingleheimer Schmidt-esque

I saw someone I knew from previous school years in Office Depot over the weekend. He was presumably getting ready for the coming school year. We passed each other twice in the aisles, but it wasn’t until I was waiting behind him in checkout when his name suddenly elbowed its way to the forefront of my brain. I found myself staring at him, trying to remember who he was, when and where we’d been classmates. Was it at Wildwood for 7th or 8th grade? Or was it at Whitney Young during my high school years? I couldn’t remember anything except his name.

Just then he kind of half-turned, still talking to a girl he was with, and our eyes met briefly. I wondered if he remembered me. I found it strange that I averted my gaze, embarrassed to be caught staring at him. If we were strangers we would have looked away and never thought twice about that glance. But we knew each other, even if I couldn’t remember where any acquaintanceship had occurred. Now, with that glance, any previous memories were acknowledged and cast away. We had nothing in common any more. We did not speak to each other; there was no warmth in my stare, only curiosity.

The cashier handed him a receipt, and he walked away with his purchases.


For today I’m posting some of the old comics I’ve done. Many are not funny to me anymore, but here are the ones I’m proud of.

First, the “This is a Spoon” pages. The first one can stand by itself, I think, but the second one cannot. It is based heavily on Whitney Young English teacher Mr. Scotese and his deep disbelief in symbols. It is also a sprite (pixelated art) comic, made when I was still despairing of my drawing ability, but dying to try making my own webcomic. Did you know “Cathy” was originally intended to be a sprite comic? …Yeah, very sad. In any case, enjoy.

This next one was my first comic for the Drake Times-Delphic. It’s the only one that I’m fully satisfied with writing-wise, and the only one that still makes me laugh. The original had some pretty shoddy inking and artwork, so I redid it this summer. Danielle says she still likes the original better. Ehhh… no comment. Here’re both.

More comics…

Finally, a NSFW one containing some mild language. It’s not a swear word, but it is offensive, so you may want to shoo any kids out of the room before viewing. Hit continue to view the thumbnail.

Lyrics are copyright Panic! at the Disco.

P.S. The Office Depot classmate was at Whitney Young; possibly in one of Mr. Scotese’s classes. Figures.

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