Emoticon fury

“Cathy, Queen of Evil” is a story idea I’ve had for a webcomic. It would be a purely story comic, closer to the superhero genre than to the one-shots I’ve been doing for the Drake Times-Delphic. The main character Cathy is a supervillainess who was once the celebrated heroine Angel, but whose moral conduct took a sudden turn to evil after an accident caused her to take a long look at her life. Her power is empathy, or the ability to sense and control emotions. Here’s an early sketch of her in her current incarnation (in her earliest form, Cathy had slightly Hispanic looks and was supposed to be a pixellated character).

Cathy’s arch-nemesis is a man called “the Gatekeeper.” Like Cathy, his morality alignment took a drastic turn – though for the better, in his case. He and Cathy were once lovers, drawn together despite their moral differences. Then an accident changed both their lives forever… Here is the Gatekeeper in his first incarnation under that name (at first he was simply called “Good Man,” and had a fairly one-dimensional personality). I still really like his hair, but it’s too complex for me to draw easily. The picture also demonstrates his two abilities: the manipulation of dark energy and the creation/control of portals.

Finally, a current picture of both the Gatekeeper and Cathy. The Gatekeeper is now pretty much bald, and Cathy has a slimmer body and less emphasized boobs. I like drawing curvy women, but I don’t want Cathy to be a clichéd, overly-sexualized superwoman.

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