Dead parrots and introductions

I have a problem with beginnings. When I create stories, I start off with lovely bits and pieces floating around in my head, the voices of the characters growing louder and louder until I can barely stand it anymore. That’s generally when I sit down to write.

It is important that when I say that “I sit down to write,” I mean that I sit down, stare awhile at the blank screen or page, maybe doodling a bit in the margins or on a scrap paper, but never quite grasping how to manage the words to describe everything in my head. Do I write a conversation or start in the middle of an action? Does Suzy P. really need to be introduced in the very first sentence? Or should we have a bit of dramatic irony regarding John Doe and the spirit of his dead parrot which possesses him?

Such it is with this blog. What do you need to know about me? What can I say about myself, my goals, and my hopes for this blog?

…I guess I could start with my name. I’m Ashley, a sophomore in college whose life tends to revolve around fictional universes in various mediums. I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was young, but a couple years ago discovered the magic of comics – graphic novels, manga, and webcomics. To my mother’s dismay, I now spend a good deal of time cartooning as well as writing. I have spent a lot of time wondering whether it is really such a good idea to spread myself out between these – and still more – time-consuming activities. I’ve been emo and I’ve been vindictive, but it all boils down to this:

Whatever the medium, I want to tell stories.

And this is what I hope to display on this blog: my journey to find better and better ways to express myself and my characters, and all the worlds and stories still locked inside my brain. They may possess me, but they are not dead parrots… They are the spirits of those not yet born.

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